The day my boss caught me lying!


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TLDR; Multi-tasking is a myth. If you are asked to review anything, keep notes.

This is an incident from a couple of jobs ago. I used to work for a smart guy. I had a suspicion I wasn't completely trusted. Trust but verify. Fair enough.

I was juggling multiple projects and was amidst a personal crisis as well. But none of those are excuses. Just want to set the context.

The boss walked in handed an article he had drafted and asked me to review and provide feedback. It was a short one. Don't remember the topic. The boss is a good writer so there were only trivial suggestions. Besides I was distracted. And I thought I would remember the changes when asked.

Couple days later boss asks for feedback. I said "Look good".

Boss: "Do you agree with the content" I: "Yes, more or less" <- note flippant, distracted commet Boss: "Which parts do you not agree" I: Deer in headlights

To this day I remember the look on his face. And I realized, he thinks I lied. To his credit, he was gracious enough and said "why don't you review it once again and send me your feedback".

Lesson learned.